My First Baby Quilt is Done!

If I look at it I still can’t believe that I have actually made this quilt. I had help, of course, from Sue from the quilting studio…she showed me all the steps. It looks so cute and its very fluffy because its flannel material. I think Kim and Keith are going to love it. I am really happy with the colour scheme and also with the pattern. Now I am scared to start my next quilt alone and be disappointed by the results…silly! What do you all think?

6 Comments to “My First Baby Quilt is Done!”

  1. Hi Honey!I’ve just seen your site and my bump’s quilt. Keith and I think it’s beautiful- thank you so much, we feel very honoured. Your site looks great, looks like you are having fun out there!Big kiss, Kim

  2. BRAVO Alex! I agree with Tracey, if you hadnt told us it was your first, we would be none the wiser! I am going to forward your blog link on to my daughter, think she might be interested in some of your words in addition to the photos. Looking forward to the next one!

  3. Alex it’s a fabulous quilt. If you hadn’t told us it’s your first quilt we sure couldn’t have guessed it. Your corners match and the colors are fantastic. 🙂

  4. it looks great! thanks for your great comments on my blog. can’t wait to see another quilt!

  5. Honey it looks great!Ik kreeg zin in om baby te nemen, just to get such a quilt for her/him;-))I’m curious about your next one;-)O Maja xox

  6. Honey it looks great:-)))Ik kreeg zin in om een baby te nemen, just to get such a quilt from you;-))Big kiss and I’m curious about your next quilt:-))

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