Don Cove weekend!

When Jim and Ann told us they rented a place in Don Cove and invited us for the weekend, Rob and I were thrilled! What a beautiful peaceful place. If your looking for a busy weekend in bars and with people do not go there because this place is the opposite. Beautiful scenery and the only thing you can here is the birds. The house was over looking the bay. It had a big patio and its own dock area. We arrived and freshened up a little. We took the wine and some beers to the dock area. We stayed there the whole afternoon drinking and fishing…it was heaven. The next day we woke up early and headed to the main docks to rent a fishing boat. Ann and Jim took the boat back to the house and rob and I brought the car back. We made lunch and took off with the boat to have a ride around the bay and do some serious fishing! I caught 2 fishes and Rob also caught 2. It was great but very very hot. I forgot to bring my bikini so I had to take my shirt off and stay with my bra. The heat was almost unbearable. We went back to the house had nice cold showers and packed because Rob needed to work the next morning. We headed to the little restaurant at the docks and had a really nice dinner. We headed back home at 21:00 pm to beat the traffic but I guess everyone thought the same. We were back home at 12:00am. Life is hard over here….What a great weekend! Check out the pictures on my photo album by clicking on the title of this post or see the slide show bellow, enjoy!

One Comment to “Don Cove weekend!”

  1. Looks like a blast! how fun! I answered your question on my blog under your comment.

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