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September 13, 2007

Vegas Baby!!!

Wow…Vegas was awesome. Its not called sin city for nothing. Rob and I arrived in Vegas and the first thing you notice at the airport is the gambling slots. So you want to do some last minute gambling no worries the airport is your place. That was my first impression of Vegas and I had seen nothing yet! We waited till Carol and Mark’s plane arrived, it had a delay. When I saw Carol I couldn’t believe that it felt like I had just seen her yesterday. We hugged and screamed like two loonies and everyone was looking at us. Well, we haven’t seen each other in 12 years so give us a break, we were allowed to be a “little” girly. Rob and I met Mark, Carol’s Husband and we all got along great! We headed to the Rio Hotel (we had to stay there seeing we are Brazilians, it fitted us well to meet there after so many years), we checked in and went strait to the bar. Had some caipirinhas (Brazilian drink) and catched up on how the flight went for both of us. Carol and Mark didn’t enjoy there flight so much because of the turbulence and the women behind them puking her guts out(with no bag…yep, on the floor). So we had some drinks and headed to the rooms. We had a good room (which needs to be refurbished…70’s style going on strong in the room) but we had an amazing view. We freshened up and headed to the Strip to see all the other Hotels/Casinos. Wow, Vegas is so over the top that it overwhelms you just by looking at the streets. We gambled a little at the New York casino and went for dinner at the Brazilian Grill restaurant. Carolina was disappointed by the quality of meat but I thought it was ok. I was just happy to have some pao de quijo (cheese bread) and some feijoada. It was pricey but like everything in Vegas drinks and food are really expensive. We headed back to the hotel and had some more drinks at the bar and went to our rooms, which we found out,there was no water (it really reminded me of my beach holidays in Guaruja-Brazil when water was cut off because of high demand, the hotel really lived up to its name).

The next morning we went to have breakfast at the big buffet at the Hotel. Cant stress enough how awful it was….really bad! We ate what we could and I cant remember if we went to the strip again to check out more of Vegas or not (talking about hazy holidays). I know that around 14:00 we headed to the pool. The pool was great waterfalls, salty water pools really really nice. I would only stay at the Rio again for the pool facilities which were great. We stayed at the pool drinking mojitos and having a blast. Around five they started shutting everything down at the pool because of a wedding, Carol and I were really upset and a “little” drunk so we decided to go and talk to the guest manager to get some kind of compensation. Rob and Mark went to gamble. Carol and I got a 60 dollar compensation because of the water failure the night before and the pool inconvenience, thinking about it now we should had “bitched” a little longer to get at least a day discount on our rooms. Oh well cant change it now. We met the boys and Rob lost 300 dollars but Mark won 500. So Carol and Mark were happy, Rob in the other hand was upset and said he would not gamble anymore. Both of us had no luck gambling in Vegas. We went to freshen up and met down at the bar again. The plan was to go out and see Vegas a little more but Carol and I started talking and Rob and Mark too, that we ended staying at the bar drinking most of night. We had a burger in one of the restaurants of the Hotel (it was a good burger) and went to the bowling alley in the Hotel to bowl a bit. I won (it was the only thing I won in Vegas) and Rob stayed second. We headed back to the rooms around 4:00 am!

The next morning Carol and Mark had a bad hangover so they slept in but Rob and I went early to the pool to enjoy the weather (it was extremely hot all three days we where there, very very dry heat-hey we were in the middle of the desert!). Carol and Mark joined us later in the day. We sat at the pool a little longer and went to make reservations for one of the shows of Cirque du Soleil, KA. We freshened up and headed to Cesar’s Palace to have lunch/dinner. We had a very very nice meal and some great desserts. The shops in the Hotel where all designer shops…really impressive. Carol and I were having a cigarette outside after our meal and we saw mother and daughter sitting outside waiting for there car. God, the mother was plastic fantastic trying to be the same age as her daughter and both women had all these bags from Gucci to Prada. The poor husband was an ugly little bald man and both women treated him like trash. I felt sorry for the guy. But that’s Vegas baby you find all kinds of people…weirdos most of time. We went also to the Vencian it has this water channel like in Venice with the boats and all. The guys who run the boats start singing really really badly its so funny and I don’t think they are singing like that on purpose! Mark and I were really taking the piss out of them. We headed back to the hotel to get ready for the show KA at MGM Casino. The show was really amazing, I really recommend to anyone going to Vegas to go and watch all the shows of the Cirque du Soleil…it was just fantastic (check out the video:

We headed to the Bellagio Hotel (the 5 star hotel were they shot Oceans eleven) and had some drinks at the bar. We checked the hotel out and really its the most beautiful hotel in the Strip. We waited to see if the water show was going to happen but we were too late for it. We than headed back to the hotel again at 4:00 am.

The next morning we packed and Carol , Mark , Rob and I said our goodbyes and promised to see each other again before Rob and I leave the USA. It was sad saying goodbye to Carol because we only had three days to catch up and that was not enough. We went to the airport and no we did not do any last minute gamble, after loosing 400 dollars Rob and I want to stay clear from any slots for at least another 10 years! We got back to Frederick and I needed a holiday from the Vegas trip. I think I slept for three days to be able to recover from all the booze and late nights but I had a blast. I would definitely go back to Vegas but I would like to stay in a resort away from the strip so Rob and I could go enjoy the beauty of the desert and the beautiful lagoons that they have there, which we didn’t have a chance to see. I would definitely not go gambling again though! Enjoy the slide show!

September 13, 2007

A Day at the Park

Hi everyone,
I have two new posts this week. One for the day at the park and another for Vegas! Utah, Rob and I had a great day at the Park two weeks ago. The GreenBriar State Park is beautiful. It has a huge lake with two small beaches. We headed off on labour day but I think half of Maryland thought the same, it was crowded. We brought with us some food in the eski, like cheeses, crackers and drinks. It was a great Sunny day, like so many around here. While we were enjoying ourselves there, the park had to close its gates because of too many people, can you guys believe that! I had a blast swam with Lucas and Leo, made a big castle on the sand. Lucas took many pics for us…he officially has become my other man…hahahaha! He took some sweet pics. Well hope you guys enjoy the slide show. Just another 4 days and I will be seeing some of you. Can waite cause my heart misses all of you sooo much! xxxx Oh check out the little video of Lucas and Leo its funny:

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