A Day at the Park

Hi everyone,
I have two new posts this week. One for the day at the park and another for Vegas! Utah, Rob and I had a great day at the Park two weeks ago. The GreenBriar State Park is beautiful. It has a huge lake with two small beaches. We headed off on labour day but I think half of Maryland thought the same, it was crowded. We brought with us some food in the eski, like cheeses, crackers and drinks. It was a great Sunny day, like so many around here. While we were enjoying ourselves there, the park had to close its gates because of too many people, can you guys believe that! I had a blast swam with Lucas and Leo, made a big castle on the sand. Lucas took many pics for us…he officially has become my other man…hahahaha! He took some sweet pics. Well hope you guys enjoy the slide show. Just another 4 days and I will be seeing some of you. Can waite cause my heart misses all of you sooo much! xxxx Oh check out the little video of Lucas and Leo its funny:


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