Miami Trip part I

When we left Frederick the weather was miserable…raining, cloudy and cold. We packed up the car (and I mean literally packed the car so much that I was scared for Rob who was going to drive!) and left Frederick around mid-day. We didn’t manage to go too far and stopped in Williamsburg for lunch. It is a lovely town, mainly with old English buildings and very much in the holiday spirit. We went to the cheese shop where I could not believe my eyes, there they were, all stacked up and waiting for me. Dutch cheese!!!! So I got some Emental (Swiss) for Rob and Old Amsterdam for me!!! We ordered some sandwiches and drinks and sat outside to eat. The weather was good in Williamsburg (its about 3 hours from Frederick) not as cold as the weather back home. We left and did another 3 hour drive and stopped at a truckers stop for dinner and then stopped in a Motel by the road to sleep and have an early start the next day. The motel was not bad at all, simple and clean. The next morning we had an early start, we left the motel at 7:00 am we traveled as much as we could without stopping, we had only a long stop when we reached Florida for dinner. We traveled a total of 14 hours in one day, we were knackered, to put it mildly. We arrived in Miami at 12:30 am and the apartment we are renting is just perfect. Simon (Rob’s brother) came to greet us and stayed a couple of hours. He left at 2:00 am and Rob and I went for a quick beer. We went to sleep at 3:30 am, tired but happy we managed to arrive! Miami is great, the weather has been kind, some showers but nothing that wont stop you from walking around. Rob and I managed to go the the beach for a couple of hours but the water was cold and it was not so hot to go in. Hopefully tomorrow we can go to the beach and enjoy the weather. Today I went with Jakie (Simon’s wife) to Yoga, it was just great, I haven’t done any Yoga since I arrived in the US so it was just great to loosen all my muscles. Jackie is in her spare time a Pilate’s teacher so she took me to the fitness center were she works. Very nice place, the Yoga teacher was awesome! I was very very stiff so many of the moves I was not able to accomplish, but it made me realise how much I missed Yoga. I might start it again in Frederick. Well, will upload some more pictures of Christmas when I am back home. We are staying here till the 26th of Dec but I hope we can get home on the 27th. Well I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! Have a happy holiday’s !!!! Enjoy the slide show:


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