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January 27, 2008

Knitted baby Sweater for Isobel (Kim&Kieth’s Daughter)

After such a long time, I am finally having some time to actually update my blog. I also have finished three projects so I am very happy to be able to add them here. I’ve also updated my photo album with pictures from Christmas, New Year and some of my projects so if you have some time to waste, check it out.
Its been a crazy end of the year and a crazy beginning of year. Rob and I still have no idea if we are staying here in the US or leaving and if we are leaving, were are we going; Holland, Australia or China! So we are trying very hard not to panic and just take it day by day. I am busy at the moment organising my civil wedding that will be on mid Feb. So busy busy busy, I also started 2 new projects and still have to start with Lucas quilt but I need to take my machine to be checked first. I am at the moment going to some knitting classes to learn how to make socks with circular needles. Its great fun and they look really cozy. These socks will be for me cause I always give my projects away and I decided this year (years resolution) to make more stuff for me hahaha! The other project that I started is a bolero sweater(also for me!) which you can get the pattern for free at Lion Brand.
But this post is actually for the very very cute baby sweater that I made for Isobel. Kim gave birth to her first beautiful daughter on mid December and I was working on a baby sweater for her since summer. It is finally finished and Isobel received the gift on her mom’s b-day (it was not intentional because I am really crappy with b-day dates of my friends)! I was very happy with the end result and it really looks darling. Its a little too big for her at the moment so hopefully in two months she will be able to wear it. Well enjoy the pictures! Big hugs to everyone!

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