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March 30, 2008

Leo’s Quilt is Ninshed

Wow, I have not been posting for a while now, sorry everyone! Just MY HUSBAND (hahahah I still cant get used to that word) and I are again on the move so things have been busy, busy, busy!!! We are leaving Fredrick Maryland USA on the 8th of April -sniff sniff. We are going back to Holland for two months just to finalize everything and then we are heading to BRAZIL for our honeymoon!!!! Oh I cant wait! For the ones who don’t know I was born in Brazil and lived there till I was 20 years old than I moved to Holland were I stayed for 10 years and also where I met my HUSBAND Rob.

We met great people and made very good friends while living here in the USA this year, we will miss everyone very much. Not only that, but we will leave one family member behind: LUNA our pet ferret. I am very sad but she wont be able to go to Australia (they are forbidden to enter the country) with us, which is our final destination. So this goodbye will be very painful to me indeed. But for all it ‘s worth we found Luna a very good foster mom (Rita) who will take care of her very very well. Luna already met her and loves her place so it makes me a little less sad knowing my little girl is in good hands.

But enough of sad stories this post is actually to share with all of you Leos quilt which I finally finished and its on its way to France with Uta, Lance, Leo, Lucas and Colin (Miss them all so much too!) I really was happy with the end result. My mother in law helped me finish it which I really appreciate it because if it wasn’t for her the quilt would have not been ready before Uta left the US. Leo really loved it and immediately wrapped himself around it! And as he would say “Leo’s quilt is NINSHED!!!!” Have a look and let me know what u think. Please keep in mind, that it is a very simple pattern and this is only my second quilt ever made! Well everyone take care and will post again when I am in Holland! As the dutch would say Doeiiiii (bye bye)

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