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April 30, 2008

Queens Night in The Hague

Today here in Holland is Queens Day, its a celebration of the Queens birthday. Yesterday night was Queens Night, which was fun but because of all the holidays at the same time, everyone just left for vacation so the city was not as crowded as usual. We spent most of the night in Okers which is a nice restaurant/bar. We met with Rob’s colleagues there and stayed most of the night there having fun. Around 12:30 am Rob and I left and headed home, on our way we passed by the fairgrounds which was nice and busy with everyone going on rides or trying to win prizes. Close to our apartment it was crowded around all the bars and it took us 1 hour to get through everyone to get home. Today we are just staying home and relaxing from Queens night. Enjoy the slide show.

April 18, 2008

Little Baby Isobel

It is nice to be back and visit everyone I missed so much. Yesterday I visited Kim and Isobel. She is so cute and such a good baby. Kim is doing very well and she has adapted to the mother role extremely well. I was happy to see her again and also very happy to see her so radiant with happiness! We met on the center of Zaandam and had some coffee in a cafe. After that we went to her house were I really enjoyed spending some time with Isobel. She is four months old and she is just a gorgeous baby!!! I am going again to see her next week and spend a couple more days with Kim and Kieth. I am looking forward in seeing Isobel again. Enjoy the video & slide show with her and mommy Kim.

April 6, 2008

Goodbye Luna (sniff, sniff…)

Today we took Luna to her new family. It was a sad morning for me and I spend sometime cuddling with her. When we were on our way to Rita’s house I cried a little but I didn’t let Luna see me cry once through out the morning or this last week. I wanted her to have the idea that this is not a dramatic situation but a happy one. But inside, my heart was very tight and sad to see her go. We got there and Rita let Luna out and she really felt at home at once. She sniffed every corner and inch of Rita’s house, she even ventured upstairs in Matthew’s room and Lydia’s too. She played with the kids and went to eat some food in her cage. I was surprised and even a little sad because she seemed not to mind at all the move, but at the same time very relieved that it went so well. We stayed and talked with Rita and Dave, I played with the kids and they really are wonderful children. Luna is lucky to be part of such a wonderful family. This will be a new home but as loving as what she had with Rob and I. When Rob and I got home, the house seemed so empty and sad without her, even if she was a small ferret, her presence was huge in the house and in our lives. She will leave a void in our lives but she will fill Rita’s home with her presence and love. Goodbye my pet….I love you and we will miss you very much!

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