Zaanstreek Trip with Kim & Isobel

I haven’t felt like a tourist in Holland for a long time but I certainly feel like one now. I guess its because I am leaving soon for good that I am more keen to go see all the touristic sights that I haven’t seen before while living here. Two weeks ago I went to visit Kim, Keith and Isobel again. It was real fun, Kim took me to see the Zanstreek. Apparently there used to be over a thousand industrial windmills in that area. I never new that Zandaam was a big part of the Dutch history. Its a beautiful area that any tourist should go see if coming to Holland for the holidays. Zandaam is not far from Amsterdam (15minutes by train) so if your holiday includes staying in Amsterdam be sure not to miss it! I thought the windmills were great but what I really enjoyed was the clog shop. I never saw how they make clogs so it was interesting to see how they are made. Kim and I had some dutch pancakes which where yummy and then when we were in the cheese shop when Isobel became the main touristic attraction to the Japanese tourists. Really it felt like we were in the red carpet and we had all these camera’s flashing at us. Isobel was an instant hit with the Japanese tourists they even posed by her buggy to take pictures, and they kept saying Dutch baby, Dutch baby!!! Kim and I laughed so hard, really. But Isobel did look cute with her pink hat and the sweater that I made for her. So here are the pictures, enjoy the Dutch scenery.

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