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May 19, 2008

Bachlorett’s Party The Hague

Alice organised a great Hen’s night for me. I was truly surprised because I had no idea what we were going to do, the only thing I knew was that we where going out for dinner. We all had a nice dinner at The Concierge and we also cracked a bubbly to mark the event. Alice, Kim, Viviane, Maya, Jessica, Mike and Rodrigo were all invited to have a good time at the hen’s night. I know you are not suppose to bring boys on the Hen’s night but Rodrigo and Mike are my friends for so long that to go party with out them just didn’t seem right. So after dinner, Alice took everyone to the surprise which everyone knew but I had no clue what to expect. When we got there I couldn’t believe it, she got for me to the Karaoke bus!! I just loved it….a Karaoke on wheels. So we all took our place in the bus, opened a couple of beers and started singing. First we sang Dutch songs than we switched to English songs. After an hour we stopped and I thought the ride was over but before I could figure what was going on, a man in a strange mask and a cape came in the bus. Yes girls, it was a male stripper!! I never laughed and had so much fun, it was the most strange 15 minutes of my life! I have added the video to the blog but please be aware that there is some indecent contents. You can’t see his front bits but you can see his bum so parents please be sure the minors are not watching this with you. After the stripper was done we just enjoyed the ride in the bus singing Frank Sinatra and Madonna. When the ride was over we took some more pictures and headed to the Karaoke bar, yes we did a lot of singing that night. We stayed there and than moved again to a gay bar to have more drinks. This bar is a small bar with very nice owner who was just so happy for me that he kept filling my drinks and all the guy men were having fun with us for the happy occasion. So by the time we left the gay bar I was already very tipsy hahahaha. We moved on to a normal bar to have just a couple more drinks and dance a little. We left the bar scene at 04:30 in the morning I could barely walk and we were all laughing so much with all the pictures and the events of the day. I got home had a shower cause all these bars in Holland everyone just smokes like a chimney and there is not very good ventilation so you smell like cigarettes and sweat. Got into bed and cuddled with Rob. The next morning I had such a bad hangover that I slept till 18:00 hahahah…it was worth it though! Enjoy the video and slide show.

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