Short Trip to Luxenbourg

Our religious wedding was just beautiful and wonderful. Everyone we invited came to the wedding and even people who were not living in Holland. Uta, Lance and the kids came from France. Erica, the girls and Adam came from the US. Also Claire and Owen came from Irland to see us and I was very pleased because I haven’t seen here since Washington. It was truly a wonderful day but a little sad because it was also a kind of farewell. Rob and I missed his mother and father who were not able to attend because it was too short notice for them to come from Australia. But we know in our hearts they were there with us in spirit. I will post the pictures when the photographer send us the pictures. I will post some pictures we managed to take on the day but the really nice ones you all have to wait. On the Monday we left in the morning to Luxenbourg. Rob had to go there for work so I thought it would be nice to join him and explore Luxembourg. We arrived there at 14:00pm, Rob went to work and I went to the city center. All shops were closed so I decided to explore the old part of town. It is truly a beautiful city and the old part is medieval which makes you wonder how many battles were won and lost. There was only one museum open, The Museum of Modern Art. It was great because they had an expo on Emily Bates photographs (Love Scenes). It was great to be able to see her photos. After I went to have some lunch in a very nice little pastry cafe, I had a wonderful grilled veggie salad and a really really yummy strawberry pie. I kept strolling at the old part of town till I met Rob in town for dinner after his work. We went to a nice restaurant and had German food. Rob had veal Schnitzel and I had Sauerkraut with very nice sausages from Luxembourg. The next day after Rob went to work I went to the city again. this time the shops and all the museums were open. I went to the City museum which is mainly the history of Luxembourg. It was a very beautiful building and I had no idea Luxembourg had so much history. When I was done I went to have another coffee with some strawberry pie which were really lovely. I did some shopping (I bought a kilo of sausages from Luxembourg haha) and before I knew it I had to meet Rob for dinner and than leave back to Holland. It was a very nice short trip. Rob and I are leaving to our honeymoon in Brasil on the 7th of June. So I will not be updating the blog next month only in July with the Brazil trip. Well everyone enjoy the slide show of the wedding and of Luxembourg.

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