Spring in Perth!!!

First of all I want to say that I am sorry for my silence regarding my blog posts. Its been a very hectic August, not only were we looking for a house (which by the way turned to be a very exhausting experience) but also Rob is looking for work. We did find a house which we liked and we are now waiting for all the paper work to be accepted.
On the baby front everything is going very well. I will have my next ultrasound in a couple of weeks which of course I will post the pictures for all of you to see the little jumping bean growing into a real size baby. I still cant feel the little bugger move, even though everyone is asking me, “Have you felt it yet???”. It is just a weired concept that I can feel my child move inside of me, I don’t know why but I always get images of the film Alien when the thing explodes out of the chest of its host (hahahah). Oh well it is one of my favorite films…another thing that is becoming increasingly annoying is everyone turning to me and saying, “Enjoy your life now because it will be over soon.” Talk about positive attitude towards starting a family, than they are surprised why women get post natal depression. Wouldn’t you get depressed if the only thing you hear is that you life will be over when your child is born and when you finally popped it out, not only you need to deal with the fact that you have a tinny life to take care but also all those words of “wisdom” of people around you come to hunt you? I wish that there was a kind of law against being negative around pregnant women. Well sorry guys for all the rant on pregnancy ordeals but I needed to get it out of my chest. I am finally experiencing the happy hormones which they talk so much about. I do feel much better and also it feels like I can take the world, its a nice feeling.
For the rest Perth is getting warmer and all the wild flowers are coming out to greet us. I do love spring I think its my favorite season, not too hot and all that fresh air with flowers everywhere. Last weekend was our birthday (Rob and I have birthdays on the same day) so we gathered his family and went to Kings Park for a picnic. It was a warm sunny day and all the flowers were out. I took some very nice pictures of the park and all the flowers. I hope you enjoy them. I also added in my web album pictures of the Rugby game which Rob, Julia and I went to watch. It was so fun to cheer with all the Australians and it was my first Rugby game so I had a blast! Also in the same album there is pictures of the car that we bought which Rob and I love. So I will only add the pictures of our birthday on the blog and for the other pictures please go to my web album. I will soon update the blog again, please be aware that if the house goes through we will be arranging everything to move so it might take some time for all the updates to come through. Oh I am also working on a little overalls for the baby, I already started knitting it and I already done 50% of it, will post pictures when its done. Well I hope all of you are well and enjoy the slide show.


2 Comments to “Spring in Perth!!!”

  1. Lindona, vc prefere um vermelhão (escuro) ou um verde-maçã (claro)? Também estou com minhas agulhas prontas por aqui 🙂 Muito bonitas as flores! Aqui na Holanda a gente vai se despedindo do verão merrequinha… Choveu muito!!! Na primeira metade de agosto já havia “desabado” o dobro da média mensal… Beijos enormes

  2. Hey honey!Don’t listen to them, your life is not over when baby arrives it’s just different you can still do all the same things!I felt the first prickles at 17weeks – feels like popcorn …. so any day now.Enjoy the happy hormones… love Kim

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