Luca’s Quilt in Progress

I was waiting till I moved to my new home to start Luca’s quilt which I promised him he would receive for Christmas but my mother in law just gave me the extra push I needed to start. I reached for the stars for inspiration on this one and I already had all the fabric tones that I wanted to use, just got some extra material from my mother in law. I started by washing all the fabric that I was going to use seeing it was kept in boxes for half a year. When I hanged all the fat quarters outside to dry I realised that this quilt will be very very special. I am sure Luca’s will love it and use well in his new home in France. After some color matching and some cutting I kept all pieces separate for each star. It does make the whole process easier and I am thankful for Tiiu’s tip on this one. So I hope you all enjoy the small slide show of the progress so far and hopefully soon I will be able to post the end result! Enjoy.

2 Comments to “Luca’s Quilt in Progress”

  1. Lindona, o presente do teu bebe estah pronto… Soh me falta teu endereco postal. Beijos enormes, Paulinha.

  2. Hey Alex, I guess my last message didn’t come through properly. Either way, I wanted to let you know, I absolutely adore the quilt. It has in fact inspired my creative side. I am getting my sewing machine fixed at this very moment so I can get on some new projects. Thanks for the inspiration!!!Oh, and you TOTALLY need to blog more. I am always wondering what is going on in your world. Love and hugs, Kristina

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