Just Keep Swimming!!!

Swimming is a big part of OZ life so we decided to enroll Luke early for swimming lessons. I think is a great way also for bub and daddy to have some quality time together during the weekend. Also I can go swimming and do some sauna while they are busy with the lesson, so on the end everyone is happy. Luke didn’t know what to make of his first swimming and cried a little, his instructor told us that it is normal and by the third time he will start to really enjoy it. By the second lesson he was enjoying it more and cried less. When the lesson is over we change Luke and give him his bottle and before we reach the car he is in a very deep sleep. Its funny because he doesn’t even wake up when we strap him in the baby seat in the car and usually he is very light sleeper. So now during bath time Luke starts kicking the same way he does during his swimming lesson and he just laughs away while mommy gets completely wet. So here are videos and pictures of my little swimmer. Also I added the pictures of the little elephant Eli that I made, its my design also which is the first for me. Hope you all enjoy!!!!


4 Comments to “Just Keep Swimming!!!”

  1. Okay, i;ve tried this before and I don't think it worked, so here I go again!Luke is adorable, it's so funny to see him get so excited in the water!!! Really like your new blog – very cool …. Keith has one now and wants to know how you get such cool backgrounds! Sorry to hear Luke is so sick, all of you just stay in bed until all the bugs go away!Xx Kim

  2. Haha, I didn't notice the elephant didn't have ears, either way, it is very very cute :)Luke is getting so big, I love when they are at this age, they are insanely adorable. Glad to see you blogging again 🙂 And LOVE the new blog look!!!

  3. poor Eli has nno ears :(funny all the daddies in the swimming lesson 🙂

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