Its Play time!

Luke is growing so fast that it seems like ever day he is learning something new. His grandmother found some old toys that where from my husband when he was a bub! So Luke got some exciting vintage toys to explore. His favorite is the ball with shapes which he still cant find the corresponding shape to fit into the ball. But he has manged to get a few in when mummy helps him. He just loves it when the shape fits and disappears inside the ball, he goes on and on giggling in delight of his achievement. Luke is also starting to sit on his own but I still keep some cushions around him just in case he loses balance and falls over. After two weeks of the whole family being ill and Luke having to have a trip to the emergency room, its great to see him feeling like himself again. I haven’t had the time to do any crafts lately because I was also ill and feeling very run down but hopefully this weekend I can continue to work on Luca’s quilt. As you all can see I have changed the look of my blog and I think I am finally satisfied with it. I also added snapshot, which means; in places with links you can see a snapshot of the website, its a pretty cool tool. I hope all of you are well and enjoy the videos and pictures below.

2 Comments to “Its Play time!”

  1. Lindo Lindo, such gorgeous baby

  2. So cute!Ele continua a cara do pai 🙂 Como diria a minha mae: Nao tem como negar que vc eh uma mulher honesta :)))

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