Its Fun to Play and Dance!

Luke is getting funnier by the minute. I had to share the video below with all of you because this little man keeps making me laugh all day long! He is truly a happy baby who loves to play and have fun but it leaves me with no time at all to be crafty and I am starting to miss my machine! Oh, you might be wondering why I have a picture of ducks here but these two little fellows decided to just hang around on our roof one afternoon. I just hope they don’t make a nest up there, also Luke was finding this very funny and kept yelling at the ducks!My mom and dad are arriving in Perth on the 10th of October so I just cant wait for them to be here with us and share with us our special moments. My mom will see Luke for the first time,she has seen him through photos and video calls but not in person so he will be a very spoiled little man in a couple of weeks time. I hope you enjoy the video and photos! The photos you just click on it and will take you to my web album. Will hopefully be able to post some crafty things soon!

Funny faces
Bath Time!
Having fun with Grandma

One Comment to “Its Fun to Play and Dance!”

  1. he is sitting! and dancing!!! I just got a new machine for mij birthday. It will arrive at any moment. The old one is gone… I have seen a handbag in Santorini that I am willing to re-invent 🙂 I can't wait to get my hands busy again 🙂

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