>New Year cleaning and last orders of the Year!


Very hectic around here with getting ready for the New Year and posting the last orders of the year. I am person who believes your house should be spotless for the New Year so your year can welcome good things instead of clutter and bad vibes. I guess I cant help it, this was ingrained in my soul by seeing my mom go berserk during the end of the year festivities. She would do a big big spring cleaning getting rid of any unwanted objects and cleaning the house till it almost looked like no one ever lived there. Ok, maybe I am not that obsessive but still I like to have the house tidy for the coming of the new year. So here are things I still need to tackle today:

  1. Kitchen Pantry and cupboards
  2. Finish up all the laundry
  3. My wardrobe
  4. Luke’s bedroom
  5. Put away Christmas tree (Yes we did get one in the end, my hubby made me do it!)

So not too bad… the only big job is my wardrobe which I am avoiding like the plague! Anyway I have just posted the last order of the year yesterday morning. It was for Judy and she will be receiving it in the post two Stompies the dino after a couple of days.  They do look so cute, check out the photos bellow! Well I hope all of you have a wonderful New Year and see you next year with new orders!

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