Here in Perth we are experiencing bad trend of small craft shops closing down. Most of them which I have managed to go see before they close their doors, tell me that rents are on the rise. With this unexpected rise on rents and other utility bills they cant afford to keep the small shops open. It is a sad day when you see hard working women forced to close down there business because of greedy property owners. So I think I can count in one hand now all the small craft and quilt suppliers in Perth. On a lighter note I managed to get a bargain for some very nice yarns form one of the shops that is closing its doors this week. I am starting a new project for my little boy. A crochet Granny Strip Blanket that I saw fellow crafter working for her little girl. I fell in love with it instantly, the pattern in available for free in this amazing blog Attic24
So here are the colours I choose for the blanket and I will keep you all informed of my progress. Enjoy!

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