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November 14, 2011

Holland here we come!!!

I am all packed and ready to leave in a couple of hours to the airport. This trip is a bitter-sweet trip because my father is ill but I am happy to be able to go and see my family and friends after 31/2 years away. Also my sisters are all arriving in Holland shortly from Brazil so we can have the whole family together for Christmas for my father. I think the last time we did this was like 25 years ago.  Luke is all excited about the trip, he loves planes. Lets just hope he sleeps for the long night flight of 13 hours.

I just wanted to let everyone now that shop is closed till I get back around mid January 2012.  You can still find all my items in Story Boutique in Floreat Perth I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New 2012!!! Take care.

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