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July 2, 2012

So many block so little time…

Hi everyone….So its been a while but there is so much going on at the moment that is hard to make time to blog at all.  Some updates on what going on with my little world in Oz.

Finally after a lot of quotes and saving and researching; we finally signed up for our new kitchen to be build.  Now I have literally been to almost all kitchen places in Perth including Ikea. But at the end we choose Flexi Kitchens and I cannot be more pleased. They were the less pushy of the bunch and the one who gave us more extras for free. I was getting pretty much depressed with all the very exuberant prices some of these places came up with, the worse one was at Kitchencraft which quoted us $30.000. Yes you read it all the 0 right!!!!! I do have a big kitchen in my little 70’s house. Its a long narrow kitchen and we were expecting it to be above $10,000 but never above $20,000!!!!!  The Flexi guys were super patient with me because I think I started the designs with them 2 years ago  kept going back and changing them to get the new price so we new how much we needed to save. We also got Ikea over to give us a quote and it was the same price as Flexi the only thing I hated about it is that all their cabinets are standard sizing and my microwave/oven is huge and they could not accommodate it on top the the new oven. Also the bench top height is standard and I am a tall girl 1.78cm so I wanted a bench top that I didn’t need to bend over to prepare food or do the dishes. So after all this research I just thought Flexi had it all. Made in Oz, tailored made to fit your room, 10 years guarantee and not a pushy sales pitch!  I also got a free upgarde to there Flexistone bench top and I just love it. You never heard about it, here is some pointer why it won me over from getting stone;

Environmentally friendly and non-toxic….Made from natural stone powder, Flexistone is a non-toxic material that will not produce radiation harming anti bodies. All products have passed food-grade inspection.
Seamless joints…..Flexistone has the unique feature of flawless jointing.
Easy to maintain…..Only cloth and water are required for its maintenance. It is not required to wax Flexistone. Any scratch can be eliminated immediately by wiping with sand paper and water.
Heat-proofing and firefighting…..Flexistone is fire retardant material. Besides, any hot objects will not produce burning marks.
Anti-dirt and non-corroding: Because Flexistone has gone through vacuum treatment, its water absorption is 1/300 of that of marble and no smear will penetrate it.
Warm touch….Unlike cool marble, Flexistone feels warm and comfortable.
Endurable…..Flexistone is produced with A high-molecule polymerizatiion technique so it is very durable. In addition. It is guaranteed for ten years.
Swift fabrication if flexi Stone can be completed easily with normal carpenter’s tools.
Resistant to impact…..Flexistone is shockproof. In addition, it can be easily restored through bonding and polishing.
Easy to install….Flexistone’s weight is only half of that of marble so it is easy to transport and install.

Pretty great and it looks beautiful. So I will finally have a new kitchen in 8 weeks!!!! So yesterday we were off to buy or appliances and I ended up  getting Bosh because its a brand we trust and also the reviews were just so positive. I got a side open fan-forced oven and an induction cook top. My wonderful hubby got for me a Nespresso machine which I just love and while I am typing this post I am sipping a wonderful frothy late..yummmm!

I have been working on my blocks for Alexia’s quilt and from 12 blocks I have 9 which is pretty good  if I keep on this pace I can finish it on time for when she arrives to the world. My brother and his wife are so excited and it lovely to hear that anticipation in there voices. Here are some of the blocks that are done I wont show more because I want the quilt to be a surprise for my brother and his wife. This is pretty much all I can type for today my little man is here getting very impatient with is mommy so I got go. I hope all of you have a wonderful week!


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