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July 7, 2012

I Heart Booties!

I have been doing some crochet for a couple of days now. Been trying to get my skills level from beginner to indeterminate. I wanted a quick project to keep me ocupied but not take over all the other UFO’s I have around. So I looked and  searched at Raverly for a perfect little pattern. If you havent come across Raverly yet be sure to go and check it out. Go on, click the link and go check it out but be sure to come back and finish reading my post. Better yet read my post first because once you go into Raverly you are sure not to come out anymore, its just like Pinintrest in that addictive way!  Any who… I found this most wonderful pattern with videos of a baby booties.You can find the link to the pattern here. If you are not the kind to do any kind of needle work you can purchase them in my fan page or just contact me through email. Just check these cuties out!!!

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