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July 9, 2012

Magic wooden shoes!!

I was surfing around yesterday I found this video  of Shirley Temple. If my site ever needed a soundtrack this would be it. I thought it was funny how they portray Holland. As some of you know, my father is Dutch and I lived in Holland for over 10 years, I just can imagine people in the 30’s going to Holland for a Holiday and being disappointed to not find Dutch people dancing around in traditional costumes and with wooden shoes on!  The only time I saw someone wearing Dutch wooden shoes was in the country town were my dad lives, it was a man walking his dog probably after working in his garden. If you would like to know more about clogs just go here.  Back to the video…. I think Shirley Temple is the sweetest thing and I was amazed how well she danced with the clogs seeing they are hard and not nice at all to walk on, yes I did try them when I lived there =0)!!!  So any way have a great day and enjoy the clip!

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