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October 30, 2012

Kids activity: making magnets

Luke got this cool craft set from a good friend last Sunday. We managed to use it today,its one of these craft magnet making sets. It came with the plaster powder, magnets, moulds and paint. It worked all great! Luke really enjoyed making these and it was quick which I was surprised. The only thing was that I pushed the magnets to deep in the mould and now only one sticks to the fridge. Oh well at least he had fun. Will keep the moulds so we can do some more later. I have been so freaking busy with stuff that I had no time for quilting at all the last two weeks. I am having sewing withdrawals at the moment! Will post some quilt stuff soon!!! Take care everyone specially all you guys in New York and areas affected by the Hurricane Sandy. My prayers are with all of you and my nephew who lives in NY.





October 22, 2012

Busy Weekend

Did you ever have the feeling that you need a break after a busy weekend? I think that my family is having this feeling today. Our weekend was packed with stuff that we didn’t manage to do in the last two weekends. After our long weekend down south and the weekend after being with the flu there was a huge list of things we needed to tackle. Saturday my hubby helped his brother take some huge prints to the gallery in the city,for his expo that will be launched next week. So even though I had a mountain of laundry and loads of spring cleaning to do, I decided to meet hubby in the city for a cup of coffee and some early dinner. I just thought that after being sick and stuck at home it would be nice to take Luke out and about. The poor little fellow was stuck at home watching endless hours of tv, I am not proud of this but I was just to weak to organize activities for him. So off we went to the train station to get in to town. Luke just loves the train ride and I should do this more often with him. I had some iced frappe and Luke had bubblegum ice cream. We saw some street performance while waiting for hubby. Hubby joined us and we passed by Nesspresso store and bought some coffee and 4 new latte cups. After that we went to have some sushi at the sushi train restaurant. Luke loves it, he just loves all the different plates passing by on the stretcher. Then we headed back home. We were all popped by the time we got home, got Luke ready for bed and managed to do two more loads of wash while watching a movie with hubby before going to bed myself. Sunday Luke and I had our hair cut. While I was having my hair cut Grandma and Luke were doing a vintage puzzle. After that we went to the markets to get some fresh veggies for dinner. I was the whole of last week wanting to eat Lebanese food, if you haven’t tried it yet, please do! It’s healthy and wonderfully delicious. We got back and hubby was mowing and de-weeding the our almost dead lawn. By the end of the day we were all so tired and hungry that my Kibe and Tabouli really hit the spot. After this busy weekend Luke and I deserved a treat specially cause Luke had his first night with no nappies!! Hurray for us, we are done with those nappies! So successful weekend = ice cream and cake!!! Still have a mountain of wash and cleaning to do but I think I can deal with it tomorrow!







October 19, 2012

Mollie Makes

Look what I found today!!!! I cannot believe that I actually bought Molly Makes magazine. At my local newspaper agents I never found Mollie. I would always be full of envy and sadness when some of the craft blogs I follow would post about their new issue of Molly. I would curse the gods that I could not buy an issue of Molly here in Oz or at least my local shops did not have it available. I would double curse the gods again for not allowing my strict budget to stretch a little more so I could buy a subscription of the wonderful Mollie!!! Then today after a doctors appointment near a shopping facility,I went to get a nice cup if coffee and browse the newsstand while waiting for my late. Then the gods smiled at me, there in the crafts area this month’s last available issue of Molly was waiting just for me to pick it up and take it home!!! I was in complete shock, I almost made my happy dance in the middle of the newsstand! So here I am drinking my coffee at home browsing through my Molly, its all mine to devour in the next hour. Sure I will have to give up on my Frankie Magazine issue this month, but it’s worth it!!!







October 18, 2012

Afternoon Play

This afternoon I took Luke to petting farm in Landsdale farm school. It was a beautiful afternoon. He really enjoyed seeing all the animals and counting chicken eggs. We had a very nice lunch there too. After that we headed back home and our dear friends came for play date. The weather was so nice that I got the little water table out for the kids to play. They were delighted to play with some water after a long winter. Now we are alone again and watching some tv eating pretzels. I am trying to come up with an easy dinner for tonight. Successful afternoon entertainment for sure!!!













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