Mollie Makes

Look what I found today!!!! I cannot believe that I actually bought Molly Makes magazine. At my local newspaper agents I never found Mollie. I would always be full of envy and sadness when some of the craft blogs I follow would post about their new issue of Molly. I would curse the gods that I could not buy an issue of Molly here in Oz or at least my local shops did not have it available. I would double curse the gods again for not allowing my strict budget to stretch a little more so I could buy a subscription of the wonderful Mollie!!! Then today after a doctors appointment near a shopping facility,I went to get a nice cup if coffee and browse the newsstand while waiting for my late. Then the gods smiled at me, there in the crafts area this month’s last available issue of Molly was waiting just for me to pick it up and take it home!!! I was in complete shock, I almost made my happy dance in the middle of the newsstand! So here I am drinking my coffee at home browsing through my Molly, its all mine to devour in the next hour. Sure I will have to give up on my Frankie Magazine issue this month, but it’s worth it!!!







4 Comments to “Mollie Makes”

  1. My post shop only recently started stocking it too… I now stalk them till it comes in!

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