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January 31, 2013

Sneak a peak!





January 30, 2013

All aboard!!!!

6ec5b58f9f2502bce010787bc19617b0My wonderful readers, you do not believe the amount of stress I am under at the moment. 2013 has started with a bang for me and some of closest friends that I am amazed how everyone is cooping so far!

My hubby is about to change jobs, we spent most of Christmas under negotiations and eventually took the plunge, you can imagine how our Christmas holidays were like don’t you? It is a very positive change but very stressful financially at the moment, till the month of Feb ends we are on the tightest budget you can imagine.

Luke is about to start school.  I just cannot believe my little jumping bean is starting school, it was like yesterday I was sleep deprived with a new born and now he is a little person of his own with ambitions and dreams to conquer. I am sad but happy at the same time if that can make any sense at all. Sad that my favorite person is going to be engaged for three days a week but happy that he is about to start a great new chapter in his little life full of adventures.

Luke also has his Birthday one  day before school begins. I was not going to do anything fancy because last year I made a great Rainbow party for him and wanted to leave it low key for this year. A good friend of Luke was going to have her party on his birthday and invited us to do it together. That does help me a little cause its less stuff to organize.

To top all of this off Rob was asked to go to Holland for some training and as you all know my dad, mom and brother live in Holland. So we decided to join hubby also because my father is not doing to well. He got diagnosed with bone cancer last year. So last minute travel booked at the 9th of Feb!!!! So now I have to get all our winter clothes together and see what fits me and Luke, so far the prognosis is bad people!!! Most of my winter coats do not fit me because I gained a few pounds since I stopped smoking. Yes I am still going strong and have not had another puff since November. So I have no winter clothes that fit me and all the shops here have nothing for winter because we live in OZ and now its the middle of summer.

Argggggghhhh!!! Very very annoying!  So you see how things are very very stressful at the moment! In addition to all of these things that I am juggling I am trying to finish Alexia’s quilt. I have just finished the top and made the sandwich to start quilting it tomorrow.  Will post pictures tomorrow.  Take care everyone !!!

January 7, 2013

The Party Wagon – Blog – WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE

I had to share this post because ohhh I just fell in love with this party theme. I will brain wash my child into wanting this theme for his B-day!!!

The Party Wagon – Blog – WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.

January 1, 2013

2013 Resolution list!

I want to thank all my readers for the wonderful support and the love all of you showed me this past year. I am very lucky to have such wonderful people, reading and cheering me on through all my challenges in 2012! I hope  all of you have a wonderful  new year and that all your challenges are met and overcome.

Now I would like to share with you my 2013 resolution list:

1. Get fit


2.Lose Weight


3. Get back in the workforce 

images (1)

4. Play more with my son.


5. Invest my time and emotions with real friends!


6.  Make more quilts


7.  Be more crafty


8. Spend time with my family, specially my dad who is ill.


9.  Make special dates with my hubby to keep romance alive


10.  Be kind to myself

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