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April 6, 2013

Patchwork Balls by Little Laurie

What an amazing idea….will make some of these for my Christmas Tree! Check it out everyone these Patchwork balls tutorial rocks!

Craft Hill Fabric Artisans

These patchwork balls are so quick to make (once all the prep is done) and make fab pressies.
First gather your bits and pieces. A Styrofoam ball (I’m using a 4″ ball) 3 fabrics, some ribbon, decorations (like beads and buttons) and a whole load of pins!20130403-190239.jpg

Next you will need to cut your fabric into squares. Because my balls are 4″, my squares will be 4″. You need to cut 8 of the center fabric. And 16 of the other two.
Now, just to make it easier later on, I fold the squares in half and half again and press them.

Now you take your ball and place a pin in the center of your square of fabric.


You the take the corners and pull them into the middle of the bottom of the square to make a triangle and pin as shown above.

Place anohter triangle opposite and…

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