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June 27, 2013

Your first slow dance you never forget!

My little boy is growing up!! Today he had his first dance with a girl. His school had disco night for all the kids from Kindy to year 3. I picked him up from school and on our way to the library he could not stop talking about how exciting the disco would be. He also mentioned Ella a couple of times and asked me if she would dance with him. I explained that I didn’t know but he should ask her to dance and see what happens. So he had a shower, got dressed and off we went to the disco. We got there and he met all his mates, they played for a while and when he got to the dance floor he saw her. In her cute little black and white dress standing near her mom. My son smiled at me and off he went with the courage of a lion. She said YES, and they held hands while my little man walked her to the dance floor. They danced together and got interrupted by an older boy but my son stood his ground and the older boy left. In the end they got parted by a mob of 1st years doing the follow the leader line dance. He looked for her and saw her dancing with one of her friends so he went to find his mates and see if they wanted to get a pizza slice. First Kindy love is strong and quick, i remember it well but I had my heart broken. At least I immortalised the moment forever with a little video that I made and photos. I wonder if it would be wrong to show it in his 18th birthday?


June 8, 2013

Sew Mama Sew Weighted Pinchusions

I spent my afternoon yesterday making these little beauties! Wonderful little project and easy to follow from Sew Mama Sew. If you would like to make it, find the PDF file here

They are so much fun and a great present for a fellow crafter. I made one for my mother in law and one for me. Luke made birds nests with left over fibre fill and fabric. Enjoy!






June 7, 2013

Dear Jane

At our local Quilt West meeting today we had a special guest speaker, Angela Davis. She has managed to finish a Dear Jane Quilt. If you have no idea what a Dear Jane Quilt is, check it here.

There has been many replicas of the Dear Jane quilt but I think Angela’s is very special. Her quilt won ribbons on quilt shows and her quilt was showcased in Paris early this year.

10 Things I loved about her Dear Jane Quilt:

1. No block had repeat fabrics.
2. Colour coordination was sublime.
3. The back of the quilt is as beautiful as the front.
4. It took her 12 years to make.
5. It was her second project when she started to quilt!
6. She used fabrics from family, such as her sisters dress fabric.
7. She omitted some difficult blocks and added blocks of her liking.
8. You can see the love that went into this quilt.
9. It was made by machine and hand.
10. She used the “quilt as you go” technique to put the quilt together.

Here are some pictures of her quilt and a pictures of both of us for the blog. Enjoy!!!!








June 6, 2013

Home Sweet Home

I don’t know what happen but this post was in my draft and was not posted for some reason,  this post was made in April!!  Enjoy! We are back home my dear readers and I cannot deny how happy I am be back sleeping in my own bed. I had enough of the cold and being away from my own space. This trip was very emotional but very rewarding. How I loved to meet my little baby niece Alexia, she is the cutest little one I ever seen. It was great to spend some time with my brother and sister in law. Very nice to see mom and dad even though dad has deteriorated quite a bit since last year, you can now see the ugly face of cancer in his face. Its good to smell my home and sleep in my bed. Its wonderful to see Luke running in the back yard with Ned the Dog and also enjoying his daddy. It is especially wonderful to share parenting duties with my lovely hubby and also to hug hubby when I feel like it. So I am a happy camper at the moment. Here are some of the pictures of Alexia’s quilt done. Hope you all like it! Aexia and quilt!







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