Home Sweet Home

I don’t know what happen but this post was in my draft and was not posted for some reason,  this post was made in April!!  Enjoy! We are back home my dear readers and I cannot deny how happy I am be back sleeping in my own bed. I had enough of the cold and being away from my own space. This trip was very emotional but very rewarding. How I loved to meet my little baby niece Alexia, she is the cutest little one I ever seen. It was great to spend some time with my brother and sister in law. Very nice to see mom and dad even though dad has deteriorated quite a bit since last year, you can now see the ugly face of cancer in his face. Its good to smell my home and sleep in my bed. Its wonderful to see Luke running in the back yard with Ned the Dog and also enjoying his daddy. It is especially wonderful to share parenting duties with my lovely hubby and also to hug hubby when I feel like it. So I am a happy camper at the moment. Here are some of the pictures of Alexia’s quilt done. Hope you all like it! Aexia and quilt!







4 Comments to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Lovely–I like the peach and aqua borders.

    • Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment ….the photo does not due it justice really. The boarder is actually orange but it looks like peach on the photo. My mother in law helped me with this one. xxx

  2. Great job! I love the fabrics you chose. Looking great.

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