Dear Jane

At our local Quilt West meeting today we had a special guest speaker, Angela Davis. She has managed to finish a Dear Jane Quilt. If you have no idea what a Dear Jane Quilt is, check it here.

There has been many replicas of the Dear Jane quilt but I think Angela’s is very special. Her quilt won ribbons on quilt shows and her quilt was showcased in Paris early this year.

10 Things I loved about her Dear Jane Quilt:

1. No block had repeat fabrics.
2. Colour coordination was sublime.
3. The back of the quilt is as beautiful as the front.
4. It took her 12 years to make.
5. It was her second project when she started to quilt!
6. She used fabrics from family, such as her sisters dress fabric.
7. She omitted some difficult blocks and added blocks of her liking.
8. You can see the love that went into this quilt.
9. It was made by machine and hand.
10. She used the “quilt as you go” technique to put the quilt together.

Here are some pictures of her quilt and a pictures of both of us for the blog. Enjoy!!!!








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