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August 3, 2014

Uni starts again & 1st day of Spring!

I don’t think I have told you all that I am back at Uni. This was the reason for the past 5 months of silence since the Christmas holidays. I enrolled for a Graduate Diploma in Primary teaching. I am already a high school English teacher with a major in ESL. I always wanted to be a primary teacher but when I lived in Holland they did not have the course in English only Dutch and my Dutch was not good enough so I opted for secondary English.

The last semester was pretty full on, even doing the course part-time. I had my first 4 weeks practise in a local school and loved it! I had a Year 4 class(4th graders for all of you in the US). I did really well in the units even got a high distinction for one of them. But the best part was the kids. I forgot how much I missed teaching, I had pretty bad experiences teaching in Holland right after I graduated and that made me leave the profession. This time around I only can say how positive the whole 4 weeks was in comparison. I started to volunteer in the same school every Friday from now on because my next teaching practise will be in my final semester in a years time.

So semester 2 just started this week and I thought to my self that the next 10 weeks will be crazy busy so best post something today. We had a lovely Sunday, it’s the first day of Spring here in Oz and the weather warmed up. We even took the dog to the beach today for a swim.

I did some reading for uni in the morning while hubby chopped down 2 sick trees in the backyard with his favourite toy (chainsaw). Little man helped his daddy and enjoyed the sunny morning. Later after lunch with some of the wood from the trees I decided to build little man a mini hut for his play mobile figurines. So hubby got the hot glue gun out and we all build a really cool hut. Once done little man played with it for a while. We then decided to take little man and dog to the beach for a play. Lovely late afternoon and dog got drenched jumping and surfing on the waves. Little man got all wet too but he had a blast looking for sea shells and crabs on the rocks.

Enjoy the pictures guys I am over and out and will post when all this crazy stuff is over. Take care.














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