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April 6, 2008

Goodbye Luna (sniff, sniff…)

Today we took Luna to her new family. It was a sad morning for me and I spend sometime cuddling with her. When we were on our way to Rita’s house I cried a little but I didn’t let Luna see me cry once through out the morning or this last week. I wanted her to have the idea that this is not a dramatic situation but a happy one. But inside, my heart was very tight and sad to see her go. We got there and Rita let Luna out and she really felt at home at once. She sniffed every corner and inch of Rita’s house, she even ventured upstairs in Matthew’s room and Lydia’s too. She played with the kids and went to eat some food in her cage. I was surprised and even a little sad because she seemed not to mind at all the move, but at the same time very relieved that it went so well. We stayed and talked with Rita and Dave, I played with the kids and they really are wonderful children. Luna is lucky to be part of such a wonderful family. This will be a new home but as loving as what she had with Rob and I. When Rob and I got home, the house seemed so empty and sad without her, even if she was a small ferret, her presence was huge in the house and in our lives. She will leave a void in our lives but she will fill Rita’s home with her presence and love. Goodbye my pet….I love you and we will miss you very much!

November 28, 2007

Christmas Market & East Side

Christmas is really hear. Ferderick is full of lights and the fair grounds are now showing the Maryland Christmas Show. So Peter, Tiiu and me went to the show to check it out. It was nice collection of different crafts booths where the main focus was Christmas. I got a nice door ornament, some beautiful tea, herbs (lavender) and so much more. I will give the link of the Tea because it is truly a great tea and an African American woman(the same age as me)grows them and puts the flavours together(you can buy her teas online). I really was enjoying myself that is why I only have three pictures, sorry guys! It was a beautiful crisp sunny afternoon and on the walk back I took some pictures of Frederick but of the East side of town. Well I hope you guys enjoy.

November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner

After so much preparation finally the day arrived. Although I didn’t cook the turkey, I still needed to prepare my butternut pumpkin roast and my apple pie for the big day. Rob, his mother, father and I went to Uta and Lance’s for Thanksgiving. I prepared my roast pumpkin the day before so Tiu and I could share the kitchen for the apple pie and sauerkraut. The house had all these different food smells in one day, it was lovely. We arrived at Uta’s at 4:30 pm and the weather was typical for the season; lots of wind but clear and crisp. The leaves seemed to be running along the car to follow us to join us on Thanksgiving dinner. A beautiful orange pinky sun set made the setting just perfect. We arrived and greeted everyone including Lucas and Leo. Everyone was very cheery seeing its our first Thanksgiving in America. We opened a couple of beers and wine. Tiu gave the boys the top toys and they were thrilled. I also played a little with the boys and join the adults later for more drinks. The turkey was ready so we put all the food on the table and it was crowded. The smells of all the different dishes really made your mouth water. We gave a quick thanks and digged in. Silence fell upon the table expect for Luca’s and Leo’s chatter hahaha but after a couple of minutes everyone was talking and paying praise for Lance’s culinary skills. After we were done we needed a couple of hours so we could fit the apple pie in our enlarged stomachs. We drank some shnapps to speed the digestion and later had some Kahlua cocktails with the apple pie. Leo rushed to me later that night and wanted to show me how grown up he is by using the potty…it was the sweetest thing I ever saw. The boys went to bed and we had a couple of more drinks and we had to leave because Rob had to work morning shift the next day. It was truly a wonderful evening. Frederick is already all decorated for Christmas and the day after Thanksgiving the Christmas sales start, so down town was all festive. Free hot coco, Santa arriving in his carriage, Christmas carols and all. It was really pretty but I didn’t take any pics, forgot my camera =0(
Well everyone enjoy the slide show and check my post for the pumpkin recipe ok. Holiday greeting for all!

November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!

Wow how I had fun, its great to be here for the Halloween season! I went to Erica to trick or treat with the kids. I dressed up and all the kids of course were dressed too… I am with the cold at the moment but that did not stop me hahahah. I arrived and brought a pumpkin to carve. Emilia helped me carve it (its the first picture on the slide). It was not that hard as I imagined. With the tools that you can get at any shop it sure made it easy. It was great fun too. We went trick or treating at 6:30 pm with Luca, Leo, Emilia and Jessica. Adults: ME, Uta and Erica. Some of the houses were so elaborately decorated…the Americana’s take this holiday very seriously. Jessica and Emilia were scared off there witts with some houses…refusing to go ring the door for some candy hahahah….it was great! With all the gools and goblins walking around it really was surreal. All kids had great costumes and most adults walking the kids also were dressed up. Really fun and really sweet…check out the pictures to have a look how much candy the kids managed to collect. I got some candy too of course, the kids had to pay me for the protection that I provided while they were too scared to get candy…hahah I wish life worked like that! Well I leave all of you with happy wishes for the Halloween. I am off to Houston Texas tomorrow afternoon for 6 days. I will update blog with pictures of the International quilt show, so you all can see what I have been up too in Texas. Have a good one!

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