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March 7, 2012

Perth UpMarket Success!!

It was a great event and I can say that I was very happy with all the comments and support I got from all my customers and new customers too. I feel honoured to be able to show case my little creations in such a great event. Here are some pictures of the stall set up and a picture of the stall at the market! Also go to my Facebook Page to check our sale today item! Also check out the Perth Upmarket site to check for when the next event will take place!


June 22, 2011

New Items

Here is a collection of new Items available right now.  Oliver the Owl, Bernadette The Sheep and new Patchwork Blankies.

June 20, 2011

A day at the my first Handmade Market.

I do not now how I managed but I got all goods made in time for the Market. My poor little boy was having a DVD marathon the week before the Market. It was worth all the hard work just to hear customers praising my toys. Sales werent as good as I thought it would be but that didn’t matter at all for me. I just loved talking to customers and seeing them passing by may stall and give me praise, it just makes all the doubt disappear. So here it is some pictures of the stall. You can find the video here.

November 28, 2007

Christmas Market & East Side

Christmas is really hear. Ferderick is full of lights and the fair grounds are now showing the Maryland Christmas Show. So Peter, Tiiu and me went to the show to check it out. It was nice collection of different crafts booths where the main focus was Christmas. I got a nice door ornament, some beautiful tea, herbs (lavender) and so much more. I will give the link of the Tea because it is truly a great tea and an African American woman(the same age as me)grows them and puts the flavours together(you can buy her teas online). I really was enjoying myself that is why I only have three pictures, sorry guys! It was a beautiful crisp sunny afternoon and on the walk back I took some pictures of Frederick but of the East side of town. Well I hope you guys enjoy.

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