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June 27, 2013

Your first slow dance you never forget!

My little boy is growing up!! Today he had his first dance with a girl. His school had disco night for all the kids from Kindy to year 3. I picked him up from school and on our way to the library he could not stop talking about how exciting the disco would be. He also mentioned Ella a couple of times and asked me if she would dance with him. I explained that I didn’t know but he should ask her to dance and see what happens. So he had a shower, got dressed and off we went to the disco. We got there and he met all his mates, they played for a while and when he got to the dance floor he saw her. In her cute little black and white dress standing near her mom. My son smiled at me and off he went with the courage of a lion. She said YES, and they held hands while my little man walked her to the dance floor. They danced together and got interrupted by an older boy but my son stood his ground and the older boy left. In the end they got parted by a mob of 1st years doing the follow the leader line dance. He looked for her and saw her dancing with one of her friends so he went to find his mates and see if they wanted to get a pizza slice. First Kindy love is strong and quick, i remember it well but I had my heart broken. At least I immortalised the moment forever with a little video that I made and photos. I wonder if it would be wrong to show it in his 18th birthday?


February 4, 2013

First day at Kindy!










February 2, 2013

4th birthday cake!!


November 1, 2012

Last minute Halloween

We had a last minute Halloween get together yesterday. I was not going to do anything because I was not sure if we find anyone in my street with candy for Luke. Halloween is not a holiday here in OZ. But a good friend called on the day and we decided to meet at her place and take the kids trick a treating. So off to shops to get Luke a Spider-Man costume and I was very lucky; the last available spider-man costume was Luke’s size. We got to my friends house and she had some cool Halloween activity books for the kids. This was Luke’s first Hallowen and he loved it!!! He could not believe he was getting all this candy only by knocking on strangers doors and yelling chocolate treat ( the kids just could not understand trick a treat so they started just saying chocolate treat, it was hilarious!) !!! I was surprised that so many houses were all decorated for Halloween. We had a great time!!! I hope all of you had a wonderful sweet induced Halloween too.








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