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November 24, 2012

My Secret is OUT: I HEART Ravlery!

Like I promised, here is my second and last dirty little secret. This secret is a more healthy one. I am still smoke free if you were wondering (10 days now) and the withdraws are as bad as ever but I feel great. I can breath so much better now and I have more energy than I had before, the only thing negative is that I am very grumpy person and will be for another 2 weeks. I am eating loads which will mean I will gain weight but for now I am not worried about it and will concentrate on being a non-smoker.

So back to my little secret. A couple of years ago I started to knit, this was before I even had a try at sewing or quilting.  When I was living in the US at the time, same time I started this blog, I stumbled upon  Raverly. If you haven’t heard of it yet, well this is the chance for you to join the biggest  knitting and crocheting community online. You can find loads of knitting and crocheting groups. They have a huge database of patterns and yarns, you can get free patterns or pay a small amount for the designer of the pattern. Its free to join and you can keep all your patterns and projects in one place, if you get stuck you can contact the designer for help or go to a forum and find someone to help. It is a really great community but  I should warn you of the risk you take once you register; Ravelry is highly addictive!  So go at your own risk and register. While your there send me a ‘hello’ , my name in Ravelry is glitterlife.

So here are some of the things I found in Ravlery I thought was worth posting here in the blog, enjoy!

Starting at left top row*:

1. Sloth Baby by Chiwaluv Amigurumi Critters (Ravlery only pattern)

2. Jiji The Cat Pattern by Gamer Wife  (blog)

3. Shrunken Head Guy by Kim Lapsley (ravlery only pattern)

4. Fairy Hideaway by Karla Fitch (ravlery  only pattern)

5. Bob Ross Amigurumi by Allison Hoffman (ravlery only pattern)

6. Hedgehog Pillow by Carolina Guzman

7. Free Hobbes Crochet Pattern By Suki Girl (blog pattern)

8. PDF Crochet Pattern for Raccoon Scarf  by BeesKneesKnitting (etsy pattern)

9. Luke in the dinosaur suit amigurumi By Owlishly

10. Kraken Of The Sea Scoofie – Monster Hooded Scarf By Rhea Richardson (Ravlery only pattern)

* Some of these pattern you can only download as a member of Ravlery. Once you register just copy and past the name of the pattern you like here and go to search option  in Ravlery to find the pattern in the photo. All the other patterns have links to the original source other than Ravlery.  I hope this is not too confusing! 

July 18, 2012

I Heart Etsy!

Alice in Wonderland inspiration!

1.Alice in Wonderland Wooden Baby Blocks by tinygiraffeshop

2. Boys Mad Hatter Costume by correenscdesigns

3. Off With Their Heads – Red – Womens Fitted T-shirt by BRANDED

4. Altered Book Alice’s Wonderland by Raidersofthelostart

5. Five 8″ Personalized Children’s Wood Letters by LewisCourt 

 6.Bright Bold Japanese Style Alice in Wonderland Custom Minky Baby Blanket by SnuggleBugZZZ

7. Wonderland Doodler Crayons by LiddleandBoo

8. Alice In Wonderland dress by BITSnSCRAPS

9. Alice in Wonderland, Amigurumi Crochet Doll by naryatoys

March 11, 2011

>Zakka Overload!!!

>I’m bored so I have been surfing the net and checking all the cuteness of Zakka, to inspire me with new designs for the shop. I am having a cuteness overload and I needed to share some of the things that have come across in the last hour. So enjoy the ride everyone for the sweetest Zakka images ever! All images are from Shinzi Katoh’s catalogue.

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