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October 30, 2012

Kids activity: making magnets

Luke got this cool craft set from a good friend last Sunday. We managed to use it today,its one of these craft magnet making sets. It came with the plaster powder, magnets, moulds and paint. It worked all great! Luke really enjoyed making these and it was quick which I was surprised. The only thing was that I pushed the magnets to deep in the mould and now only one sticks to the fridge. Oh well at least he had fun. Will keep the moulds so we can do some more later. I have been so freaking busy with stuff that I had no time for quilting at all the last two weeks. I am having sewing withdrawals at the moment! Will post some quilt stuff soon!!! Take care everyone specially all you guys in New York and areas affected by the Hurricane Sandy. My prayers are with all of you and my nephew who lives in NY.





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