Bernina, Bernina, Bernina!!!!

Great news… I bought my very first sewing machine 2 weeks ago!! I’m so excited about all the good stuff that I can make now. I have to leave the machine at the sewing shop though because I don’t have much space in our new apartment in the US. All the girls at the shop keep asking me how I can do that..seeing its a new machine and its the only one I have…I guess I will have to manage just for a while. Its a very fancy Bernina 440 QE (quilter edition). It really feels like having a Rolls Royce hihihi…

I really enjoyed working on my first quilt with it. Its a great machine it has so many features that I got lost at the bernina class. I was amazed of what I can do with it. Its costly but its a machine for life.
My baby quilt is almost done. I am finishing the binding at the moment by hand. I am doing this quilt for a good friend of mine who is having her first baby. I think I will have a hard time parting with it, cause it looks soooooo cute. I will upload some pictures when its finished. Cheers

4 Comments to “Bernina, Bernina, Bernina!!!!”

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I would love to seee your baby quilt, can’t wait for pics! I have a hard time parting with the things I make as well, it’s so hard!

  2. Way to go girl! – I hope you’re practicing to make Robert lots of patchwork underpants – I’m really envious and have changed my eyes to GREEN……..Good to see you’re having fun with the machine – If you need hell[p with colourful language just ring TiiuLotsa loveTiiu and Peter

  3. Hi Little sister,Congratulations on your beautiful blog, looks really cool.Big BeijoJR

  4. AAAAAeeeeeeee mulé!Que ótimo q vc fez esse blog! Adorei… Mas… Kde as fotos???Essa sua maquininha de costura é da hora hein??? Quero ver todas as fotos do seus trabalhos…Saudades,Carol

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