I <3 Knitting Baby stuff!

















So I have been knitting up a storm around here!! Specially when it’s for new babies who are coming into the world from people who are so very special to you. My childhood best friend is having a baby boy, this news has warmed my heart so much lately. I usually now use this happy news when I read or see some horrible news or when you just feel a bit down. I just think about my wonderful friend with her swollen belly and faith in humanity is restored for a little while. I don’t know about you but lately I need that safety line to keep things a little lighter.

I walked my son from school today and how pretty is nature during spring, our days are warming up and so many pretty flowers around. While I was on the way to his school there was a little patch of grass that was flowering and it just looked so beautiful all fluffy and swinging on the wind.

The pattern for this little hat and baby sac cocoon is here.

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