Engagement Dinner & Morning After

I organised our engagement dinner at the “Tasting Room”. Its a really nice restaurant down town and the food is something to die for. Its a small restaurant but we were only 9 people so I booked the small private room for us. We arrived and I asked for my cosmopolitan and Rob ordered a bottle of Champagne. Peter (Rob’s dad) gave the toast. We all talked about how many times everyone in New Skies (Rob’s job) had made bets on when Rob would pop the question and also everyone agreed that we took our time! Everyone was very happy for us and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The food was great, I ordered a beef tartar as a starter and a file Mignon steak for the main. I had a chocolate martini for dessert. We stayed at the restaurant till 12:00 and than we went for drinks at the local pub (Firestone) next to the restaurant. Rob and I had a great time but we missed everyone who was not here with us; we wished everyone could have been here with us. The next morning Rob woke me up and everything was white, it snowed! It was really beautiful, everything was covered with 5 inches of snow. I made blueberry pancakes and than I went for a walk to take some pictures. Well everyone hope you enjoy both slide shows. I miss everyone!



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