Goodbye Luna (sniff, sniff…)

Today we took Luna to her new family. It was a sad morning for me and I spend sometime cuddling with her. When we were on our way to Rita’s house I cried a little but I didn’t let Luna see me cry once through out the morning or this last week. I wanted her to have the idea that this is not a dramatic situation but a happy one. But inside, my heart was very tight and sad to see her go. We got there and Rita let Luna out and she really felt at home at once. She sniffed every corner and inch of Rita’s house, she even ventured upstairs in Matthew’s room and Lydia’s too. She played with the kids and went to eat some food in her cage. I was surprised and even a little sad because she seemed not to mind at all the move, but at the same time very relieved that it went so well. We stayed and talked with Rita and Dave, I played with the kids and they really are wonderful children. Luna is lucky to be part of such a wonderful family. This will be a new home but as loving as what she had with Rob and I. When Rob and I got home, the house seemed so empty and sad without her, even if she was a small ferret, her presence was huge in the house and in our lives. She will leave a void in our lives but she will fill Rita’s home with her presence and love. Goodbye my pet….I love you and we will miss you very much!

2 Comments to “Goodbye Luna (sniff, sniff…)”

  1. Hey Alex, Such a sweet Bye-Bye Slide show today. I am really sorry you had to let her go, but at least these people look kind. Luna certainly did look at home, which is a good sign. Animals are really in-tune to people, so you choose well. You are a good fur mama to do this for her. I know it wasn’t exactly your choice due to your move, but it was your choice to do the best for her. Remember all of those happy memeories, and know it was for the best.

  2. Last night at bedtime Matthew said that he really likes Luna, and today Lydia wrote, “I Love Loona” on her note paper. Luna has already made quite the impression on our family and we are happy to have her. It’s nice to get a pet that has been well-loved. You have blessed us too!

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